renovation benefits & ROI

new windows provide a better work environment and create building value

improve appearance

Attractive windows make a great first impression, and can make all the difference when you are trying to attract or retain occupants.

lower vacancy rates

You should see lower vacancy rates and increased lease rates by offering energy-efficient spaces, as well as by increasing occupant productivity and comfort.

add floor space, improve productivity

Utilize the perimeter space of your building by eliminating glare, solar heat gain, drafts and noise for occupants. These environement characteristics are also correlated with lower absenteeism and higher productivity, and can save up to $2,000 annually per employee.

reduce noise

Improve occupant productivity and comfort by reducing noise transmission from cars, planes and people.

protect occupants

Give peace of mind and protect your property with blast and hurricane resistant systems, electronic eavesdropping protection and forced entry deterrence.


Take advantage of your views and natural daylight, which benefits occupants as well as reducing your electricity use.

save energy

By replacing leaky, single-glazed units with energy-efficient glass and thermal framing systems, you can see energy savings of up to 40%. Glass and aluminum framing systems built prior to 1980 have poor energy performance.

reduce HVAC, lighting

Lighting and HVAC can account for 50-70% of a building's energy use. Window replacement can significantly affect the sizing of HVAC components, and when timed with an HVAC system upgrade, peak load reductions can yield further savings in equipment costs.

less maintenance

Reduce maintenance and repair expenditures due to water infiltration, condensation, caulking, painting and glass replacement.

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