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building survey

Our experienced team will visit your building to survey your window, curtainwall, storefront and entrance systems to make recommendations on what components or systems should be considered for replacement.

apogee energy modeling tool

Our energy modeling tool was developed by two former researchers in the sustainability group at the University of Minnesota. They created a database of jobs using Lawrence Berkeley tools that allow us to analyze the energy savings, HVAC capacity and lighting for your building. These tools provide information on the savings you could see in your building based on an integrated design.

thermal imaging

Our team uses thermal cameras to capture the performance of glass and aluminum framing systems. This imagery provides important information for our team to analyze so that we can recommend the most effective replacement options.

specification assistance

Glass and aluminum framing systems have many performance metrics and our experienced team will help select products for your building with the most effective performance while still providing value. We will provide a specification for your building to use during the purchasing process.

design & detail assistance

Glass and aluminum framing systems play an important role in improving the aesthetics of a building. Our team will provide window drawings detailing the components and sight lines of the proposed products to be used by the building in their purchasing process.

budgeting & network of installers

We can help you with your budgeting by providing install options. In addition, our companies have a network of installers in every city across North America and can suggest local installers to bid your project.

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